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I love taking a track and applying those final touches

I do things musically. I've been studying music for over 10 years now, as a drummer, orchestral percussionist, composer, producer, and of course engineer. Although technical specifications must be met when finishing off tracks, what is of the most importance, is they must sounds musically complete. Techno should hit you in the chest. Hiphop should be bassy. Jazz should be dynamic and punchy. There is no catch all style for all styles - every piece of music is unique, and requires unique processing, mixing, and consultation with the artist to realise their vision.

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Know what you're getting

Some things set me apart. I pride myself in my strong communication with artists, to deliver exactly what they want, so they're always happy with their tracks. No one is perfect - and it'd be naive to think I will always get the results you require for your vision first time. That's why communication with the artist or label is key, to make sure everyone gets what they want from their artform.

  • Industry Standard Processing
  • Fast communication and turnaround
  • Loud but tame
  • As many revisions until you're happy

When working on someone else's art, communication is key. As a producer myself, only you know exactly how you want your music to sound. It's my job to get it sounding exactly how you want it to. So many studios will act as if they know how music should sound - and that's that, they know best. I believe in working out compromises between technical limitations and an artist's vision.

Don't just take my word for it

  • David has been instrumental in Hyperdome's releases to date - offering a fast, efficient and competitive service that doesn't disappoint. David gives realistic expectations on timelines and always meets them. His mastering work consistently sounds crisp and punchy and never disappoints. I'd highly recommend him for all mastering work that you might need

  • Dave was an absolute gem to work with. A nice guy, with plenty of advice for us when mixdowns we sent over for our label weren’t quite up to scratch. After that, Dave provided us with clean, loud and well pronounced masters that were individually tailored to each track we sent over. We sent over a total of 20 tracks, and every master we received sounded delightful. Couldn’t recommend anyone else!
  • Brick Sweat Records

  • Working with Dave is always a pleasure. He is professional and has helped me become a better mixer, providing educational material and excellent feedback. Most importantly, his masters bang and are full of texture. I use him for my own work and that of our label. Could not recommend more highly!
  • Adrian Asher / Bass Water Freak Out

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Hundreds of clients have come to me for my services - check out some examples below of the sort of labels and individuals I work with.

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